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Collaboration Collection

By | February 24, 2009

Over the past several months, I’ve had the honor of working with a group of wonderful educators from the New Jersey Powerful Learning Practice program.  My focus with the group was on Collaboration: How can educators use collaborative strategies both in the classroom and in their own professional growth? We’ve spent time learning about the […]

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What the Web has Wrought

By | February 20, 2009

I’m sitting here looking at my SMS messages, my email inbox, my Twitter replies and my Google Docs listing, all of which seem to be beckoning tonight. As I sit here, deciding how much procrastination I can actually get away with, I realize just how much of my professional life revolves around the ability to […]

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Plurking your PLN

By | June 30, 2008

Steve Dembo posted an excellent look at Plurk on his blog today and did a great job of outlining what many of us in the Plurk community have seen in the last few days.  I certainly don’t want to duplicate his great overview, but I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on Plurk in the last […]

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