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Jumping In

By | September 14, 2009


I’ve moved. I’ve started a new job. I’m (almost) settled into my new routines. And yet. It’s been a while since I’ve shared on this space.  The longer I wait for “the time” or “a good idea” to reveal itself, the harder it becomes to just get back into the rhythm of reflecting and writing […]

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Iron Teach: Battle Literature

By | April 9, 2009

I’ve long been a fan of Tom Woodward’s insanely creative method of developing units, so when he gave the green light for an IronTeach challenge, I had to jump on board. The basic premise of Iron Teach is based on the show Iron Chef America, where two teams of chefs battle to develop recipes that […]

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Textbooks are Hard

By | November 6, 2008


Technology is Hard. That’s the mantra that keeps many teachers from reaching out and really exploring technology tools in their classroom.  It’s hard to manage 30 students when they all have a laptop in hand. It’s hard to integrate it meaningfully because the activities need to have structure and guidance to be successful. It’s hard […]

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