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Documenting the 1:1 Journey

By | March 24, 2009


You know the saying…. “Someday I’ll get around to documenting and collecting all the ideas and resources we’ve created at our school.”  Well, for Colleen (PCHS Technology Coordinator) and I, this was the week that we finally got around to it. For the past several days, we’ve spent most of our waking hours organizing, collecting, […]

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Always On: A new adventure

By | March 7, 2009


I’m a believer in positive thinking and a great example of this philosophy comes straight from the Improv community in the form of Yes, and… thinking. I wrote about it a bit here in a page about collaboration, but basic premise is that by taking an idea and building on it, you’ll find lots of […]

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Laptop Thoughts

By | August 18, 2008


The following is an email I sent to our faculty as we begin our 1:1 journey this year. Enjoy. August 18, 2008     To: CHS Faculty From: Michelle For those of you who are teachers of freshmen, the day is fast approaching when a class full of students will walk into your classroom with […]

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