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AlwaysOn 17: About time.

By | March 16, 2011


It’s been a while since Katie and I have taken the time to podcast, so it seemed only appropriate to do an episode on Time. You can listen to the podcast in the iTunes Store or on our website. The episode got me to thinking a lot about my priorities and the concept of time. […]

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Iron Teach: Battle Literature

By | April 9, 2009

I’ve long been a fan of Tom Woodward’s insanely creative method of developing units, so when he gave the green light for an IronTeach challenge, I had to jump on board. The basic premise of Iron Teach is based on the show Iron Chef America, where two teams of chefs battle to develop recipes that […]

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Collaboration Collection

By | February 24, 2009

Over the past several months, I’ve had the honor of working with a group of wonderful educators from the New Jersey Powerful Learning Practice program.  My focus with the group was on Collaboration: How can educators use collaborative strategies both in the classroom and in their own professional growth? We’ve spent time learning about the […]

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By | December 17, 2008

I don’t go to the beach much, but whenever my nieces and nephews visit, you can bet we’ll spend at least a day or two there.  Where I live, the main commercial section of the beach is only about 6 miles from our home. Our favorite area to visit is a section of beach in […]

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Learning isn’t supposed to be fun.

By | November 23, 2008


So here it is, 3 weeks after Halloween and a bowl of leftover candy still sits on my counter. I’ve picked through the remains now and then and what’s left behind is the stuff that makes “junk food” sound like a compliment. Stuff that’s full of sugar and artificial flavors and tooth-rotting, chewy goodness.  Stuff […]

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By | November 13, 2008

42. If it were the number of students in your class, it might seem like an impossibly large number.  If it were the amount of minutes you spent per subject each day, it might seem a bit rushed.  But what if you knew that 42 is the average number of people who respond and react […]

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Thursday thoughts: To print or not to print….

By | September 25, 2008


This year, we’ve set ourselves a goal at Catholic High.  This will be the year of the (almost) paperless classroom. We’ve pared down the locations in which users can print so that we can adequately support printing and have added several new tools that make it easier for teachers and students to hand in and […]

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Laptop Thoughts

By | August 18, 2008


The following is an email I sent to our faculty as we begin our 1:1 journey this year. Enjoy. August 18, 2008     To: CHS Faculty From: Michelle For those of you who are teachers of freshmen, the day is fast approaching when a class full of students will walk into your classroom with […]

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There’s a crack in the wall…

By | June 26, 2008

Today, I’ve spent a great deal of time exploring with an interesting social networking tool called Plurk and joining in conversations with other educators who share my enthusiasm for Web 2.0 tools.  If you haven’t checked out Plurk, it’s an interesting twist on microblogging with user comments posted in a timeline style…

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Thursday Thought – Love, Love, Love

By | February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of the day, I thought I’d share some of the things I love on the Internet…especially the two sites that I can’t live without.Thought #1 – Customizing the web with iGoogleiGoogle ( is a customizable homepage for your web browser.  In addition to adding links to your most commonly used web pages, […]

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