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Learning is more than watching.

By | March 29, 2011

There’s been a lot of attention paid lately to the resources being provided by Salman Khan and the Khan Academy.1 Salman talks about the epiphany he had when remotely tutoring family members and how perhaps his videos could replace the lectures happening in classrooms across the country. As Salman says: “Our goal is to use […]

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Input, Output and Responsibility

By | March 7, 2011

This graphic sums up what I’ve seen in visits and conversations across a dozen or so districts in the last year. Sadly, many more fall in Section I than in Section IV. How is it that degreed adults can be trusted with the future of their students, but not with the use of the basic […]

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Teacher Research: I’m wondering

By | September 16, 2010

As we move through the teacher research process with our Digital Learning Collaborative Cohort 2 participants, I’ll be working on my own teacher research project alongside them.  We’re using the text “The Reflective Educator’s Guide to Teacher Research” as our text to help us walk through the process. We’ll all be sharing our research progress […]

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Teacher Research. I’m Learning.

By | May 12, 2010

Note: If you’re reading this tonight, May 12, you’ll notice there aren’t any links to the posts or people I reference. It’s late and WordPress on the iPad’s still a bit limited. I’ll add them in tomorrow. Promise. —————— Recently in this space, I’ve written about a project going on in our district called the […]

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TIE+ISTE Leadership Bootcamp Virtual Session

By | March 10, 2010

If you’re not busy tonight (March 10) at around 7:00 PM Mountain, we’d love to have you join us for a free online session hosted in Elluminate. Bud Hunt will be presenting a session entitled “Amplified, Customized, & Maximized” where he will introduce the Leadership Bootcamp, talk about how to get involved, and also discuss […]

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Documenting the 1:1 Journey

By | March 24, 2009


You know the saying…. “Someday I’ll get around to documenting and collecting all the ideas and resources we’ve created at our school.”  Well, for Colleen (PCHS Technology Coordinator) and I, this was the week that we finally got around to it. For the past several days, we’ve spent most of our waking hours organizing, collecting, […]

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Callused: Signs of a Digital Age

By | March 10, 2009

For most of my life, I’ve carried a physical sign that marked me as literate.  At the age of 5, that sign was first acquired over weeks of laborious work under the guidance of my Kindergarten teacher as I carefully practiced forming the symbols of  literacy by putting pencil to paper.  For the next 12 […]

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Always On: A new adventure

By | March 7, 2009


I’m a believer in positive thinking and a great example of this philosophy comes straight from the Improv community in the form of Yes, and… thinking. I wrote about it a bit here in a page about collaboration, but basic premise is that by taking an idea and building on it, you’ll find lots of […]

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What the Web has Wrought

By | February 20, 2009

I’m sitting here looking at my SMS messages, my email inbox, my Twitter replies and my Google Docs listing, all of which seem to be beckoning tonight. As I sit here, deciding how much procrastination I can actually get away with, I realize just how much of my professional life revolves around the ability to […]

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